Program Management

As a defense contractor we understand the importance of the programs we support

We know that our ultimate customer, the warfighter, depends upon the reliability and accuracy of the parts we manufacture to help keep them safe. JWF Defense achieves and maintains these expectations through a focused approach on reliable and consistent processes that provide consistent results.  We break down every project into three phases:  Plan it, Build it, and Ship it.  All three phases of the project are owned by the Strategic Business Units (SBUs), the heart of our process-based management philosophy.4 Schedule Work Orders

JWF’s program managers (PM’s) maintain tight control of their programs from kick-off through completion. Our single point-of-contact approach allows our PM’s to function as in-plant eyes and ears. The PM becomes a subject matter expert in terms of specifications, budgets and timing objectives and communicates this critical information throughout all the decision making steps involving engineering, purchasing, production and quality assurance.

Our PMs’ essential tool towards accomplishing this is a robust Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system. As a build-to-print contract manufacturer our role in configuration management is to ensure that we are building to the correct revision level and that engineering revisions are executed in a methodical manner. The Item Master in our MRP system is the master record of the current revision level for an item.  The Item Master also shows information regarding First Article Inspection (FAI) status, planning lead time, storage location, Bill of Materials (BoM), manufacturing routing, and where the individual part is used.IMG_0772

We have built a unique element into our configuration management system. Hard First Article Inspections (FAIs) “blocks” are in place throughout the JWF system to prevent parts from slipping through to the next process without being inspected.  Also, as new revisions occur, the FAI block is used to flag changes so that work does not continue on out-of-date drawings.

Because of our vertically-integrated philosophy, the planning, scheduling, and manufacturing of all products is completely controlled internally. Each facet of production, from material acquisition, to development, to post-manufacturing processes all fall within internal control.