Laser Cutting

Advanced Laser Cutting Technology

Speed to market is critical in today’s defense world. Lives get saved when we react quickly to customer’s needs.

Laser technology allows JWF Defense to process armor at an extremely fast pace. Some companies still resort to old methods. Not at JWF Defense Systems — We are committed to the warfighter and our investment in technology proves it.

JWF Defense Systems is capable of cutting virtually any pattern in a piece of tube while holding a tolerance of seven thousandths of an inch (or the equivalent of three human hairs).


Laser Cutting Equipment


  • BLM Lasertube LT8.10 Fiber has a 3D measuring system for accurate cutting of all metal tube and pipe up to 6 inches in diameter. This machine lowers consumable costs while producing a quality part 10 times faster than a CO2 laser.


  • Mitsubishi 4020 RX-F 8.0KW EDM Laser is capable of cutting up to 5500 inches per minute utilizing a 16 tier pallet system, producing more while minimizing the cost of operation.