Supplying all your forming needs with 1000 ton brake presses

Forming is used in metal fabricating to bend, roll, and shape pieces to reach their required form. Of the countless services we provide at JWF Defense, one of the greatest capabilities is forming parts. Forming 2

However, forming exotic material or intricate shapes, especially armor plate presents significant challenges, most notably spring-back. At JWF Defense we know armor and have the experience and equipment to deal with tricky armor forming projects.

Our hydraulic press brakes range in size from 150 to 1000 tons with bed lengths from 12 to 20 feet. Combined with a vast array of tooling and nearly 30 years of forming experience, we have the versatility necessary to tackle your most demanding projects.




Forming Equipment

  • 1200 Ton, 20′ Bed, CNC Back Gaugeimg_0778
  • 1000 Ton, 20′ Bed, CNC Back Gauge
  • 600 Ton, 18′ Bed, CNC Back Gauge
  • 250 Ton, 12′ Bed, CNC Back Gauge
  • 320 Ton, 13′ Bed, CNC Back Gauge
  • 220 Ton, 13′ Bed, CNC Back Gauge
  • 140 Ton, 12′ Bed, CNC Back Gauge