JWF Defense has been providing engineering support to our customers for over 25 years

Our engineers will design from a simple sketch, 2D prints, or 3D models, whether they’re on paper or in electronic format. We often design and fabricate parts from the “ground up” based solely on customer inputs. Our engineers and production specialists work closely with our customers to recommend materials and components designed to meet their budget and then develop efficient manufacturing processes. In addition to meeting stringent quality control standards, all our systems are set up to meet the codes regulating a customer’s end use in accordance with ASME, ASTM, or AWS standards.

We have supported prototypes, low volume, and high volume production, on a variety of DoD programs for many years. We understand the expectations of quality and rapid delivery that are required by the government.  As a program enters production, JWF’s engineers will break multi-level projects down into specific processes, primarily to maximize efficiency, but also to monitor and measure the program through the entire manufacturing cycle ensuring the customer is receiving the best value for each dollar spent.