Armor Kits

At JWF, We Know Armor

Speed to market is critical in today’s defense world. Lives get saved when we react quickly to customer’s needs, especially when it involves armor. Combined with a vast array of tooling and over 20 years of forming experience, JWF has the versatility necessary to meet the most demanding armor project.

In 2007, JWF performed all facets of the manufacture and installation of 276 HUMVEE Applique Armor Kits that included:

  • Cutting, forming, welding and CARC painting of armor plate,
  • Fabrication of composite armor panels from armor plate and dyneema and/or Kevlar, and
  • Vehicle teardown and armor kit installation.

To execute this contract, JWF stood up a new facility in 60 days and met every delivery deadline in a highly compressed schedule. JWF also participated in developmental prototyping efforts when USSOCOM requested increases in armor coverage.

img_1706Armor Laser and Plate Forming Services

Laser technology allows JWF Defense to process armor at an extremely fast pace. Our four 4,000 watt Mitsubishi LVP Lasers are the workhorses when it comes to cutting plate. All have fully automated plate storage for running jobs back-to-back with virtually no supervision. Maximum plate size is 6′ x 12′ and 3/8″ thick aluminum or 1″ thick steel. Our hydraulic press brakes range in size from 150 to 1200 tons with bed lengths from 12 to 20 ft.


 Armor Welding Services

JWF Defense Systems specializes in complex, large weldments that generally involve close tolerances. Certified Welding Inspectors (CWIs) are on staff to maintain and regulate welding processes. We employ over 180 AWS certified welders, including 30 armor certified welders, along with 12 dual arm robotic welding cells.